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Why Dog Need Exercise

All of theNakedpet's facilities are equipped

Terms & Conditions

1. You must book your pet's appointment (subject to availability);


2. Cancellations of appointment must be made at least 12 hours in advance, failing which the slot will be considered utilized;


3. We reserve the right not to accept pets that are aggressive.


4. Pets with fleas/ticks, sores, open wounds, infectious conditions like serious ear, eye or skin infection or females who are in heat etc. are not allowed to swim.


5. Pets has issues such as diarrhoea, or losse stool or excessive flatulence, or such are not allowed to swim;


6. Please do not fix appointments at or around the time the pet usually tiolets;


7. Please do not feed your pets 3 hours before their swim and 2 hours after their swim;


8. Please give your  pet an opportunity to defecate just before their swim;


9. Please take the pet out of the premises to give it an opportunity to toilet after 30 mintues in the pool (if the session exceeds 30 mintues) and of course rinse its back portion off if it does defecate;


10. To terminate the session if the pet appears excessively stressed as that is an instance of when it might defecate. 


11. If the pet defecate in the pool, we need to close the pool and cancel all appointments.  We will need to charge a penalty of $200.00;


12. Owners have to be in the pool with your own pet.  Swimming attire will be T-shirt and shorts.


13.  Owners must be 18 years and above to be allowed in the pool. 


14. Please arrive 10 mins early before your appointment so your pet can start the swim on time.  Latecomers will be penalised on your pets' swim time so as not to cause inconvenience to the next customer. 


15.  If you bring your children along, they must be accompanied with an adult at all times and must stay in designated areas.  For safety, No Running of Playing in the premises is permitted;


16. All personal belongings left unattended will be at your own risk.     


17. If the pool water quality is not up to standard, we will cancel and reschedule the appointments.


Weekdays (30 mins):

$20 (1st dog)

$15 (2nd & subsequent dogs)

PH, Weekends (30mins):

$25 (1st dog)

$20 (2nd & subsequent dogs)


Pool exclusively for you and your dog at the slot you booked. 



$40 (unassisted)

$60 (therapist assisted) 

Dogs with Dog Food Jar


$20 for 30 mins

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