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Our Food.

The most important decision we make each day about our pet’s health is what we choose to feed it. It will define their quality of life, longevity and disease prevention capacity.

The darker side of human endeavour continues to pose challenges to our environment. Together with indiscriminate use of laboratory made substances in the food chain, we are obligated as concerned pet owners to chose wisely what we feed our pets. 

Roaming free the remote regions of the Mackenzie Country high up the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand, our wild rabbits, hares and tahrs forage and thrive on natural alpine flora in this land of untouched breathtaking beauty. Far from industry and free of contaminants, they thrive as nature intends. From the same high country come salmon from possibly the cleanest farms anywhere on earth. Every minute of everyday 8 million litres of crystal clear mineral rich glacial waters from the top of the alps pass through these farms. No vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, growth or GM feed is used or indeed, needed. Located upstream and some 2,000 feet above sea level the farms are insulated from our increasingly contaminated seas which commonly afflict coastal farms, as indeed they do wild catch.



We are fortunate therefore to be able to work with Pure Petfoods NZ of Twizel, New Zealand to bring to our pets the most pristine food that is healthful. Shaun Aitcheson, managing director of NZ Pure Petfoods, worked with the Department of Conservation in New Zealand for more than a dozen years, long enough to know intimately the region, the flora and the fauna from which he gives us the pristine food we are now happy to offer.

When Dog first met man - long before Man made them unto His own image and in the process of reducing them to ornaments they now are, they had jobs, just like everyone else - equal partners with man in the quest for better lives for both. Food, shelter, companionship were offered in consideration of service rendered and appreciated.

At theNakedpet we seek to return to that ancestral path trodden  by our forefathers and their most trustworthy companions.

It is a clarion call back to authentic food, real work and most of all, a real relationship: a call to a journey to a destination where robust health, thriving longevity and unbounded felicity beckon and await.

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About Us.

What We Do

The Naked Pet is an industry leading Dog Food Distributor, supplying individuals and companies with the products they need. We were founded in 2000 by Jane Doe, and have been located in Singapore ever since. Learn all about The Naked Pet and what we offer by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

Store Location:


 1P Figaro Street Singapore 458322.


Operating Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday 1pm to 6pm,

Saturday & Sunday 11am to 6pm


Our free delivery service is available for a minimum order of SGD$100.00   

We will contact you to arrange delivery date and time.

Payment by Cash or Paynow (mobile number 93397656)

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